Corporate Retreats

At StrengthsWise our Corporate Retreats are unique off-sight trainings that offer the opportunity for a deeper dive in to team growth and development. There are myriad ways to engage your team for a retreat, and at StrengthsWise it’s our sweet spot: we work within the framework of any location or activity to allow learning and foster engagement using the StrengthsFinder language and philosophy.

Corporate Retreats eliminate the familiar distractions for your management team, board of directors or leadership group, and everyone comes together in a more focused, committed way. There is a psychological investment in an off-site location, and learning is ultimately enhanced. Using StrengthsFinder assessment results, individual and small group work reveals a language for the best everyone brings to the team.

This is a positive, affirming approach to working with newly formed teams or teams that have been working together for decades. New potential will be illuminated, possible roadblocks identified, and new possibilities for advancing goals and working together will be identified. Leveraging the best everyone has to offer, this investment in pays off exponentially in increased morale, enthusiasm, and a new approach to achieving the mission of your organization.

Every team is unique, as is every corporate retreat StrengthsWise offers. Give us a call today to talk about your team, your goals and your vision. We’ll share our perspective and collaborate on a way forward that will inspire everyone on your board or team in fun, unexpected ways.

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