Executive Coaching

Just as serious athletes work with a coach, CEO’s and professionals from all discipline will experience powerful support, insight and encouragement from individual coaching. The more talent-dependent the company, the greater the returns. This is not therapy which is generally focused on where you’ve been. Executive Coaching is forward-thinking, how do we get there from here based on who you know me to be endeavor. It matters, and there is powerful change when people commit to this work.

The following benefits of Executive Coaching outline the impact this investment will make for you and members of your team. At StrengthsWise we rely on the power of the StrengthsFinder assessment to get to know you better, and makes our coaching yield results. Fast. Focusing on how you uniquely are wired to come at the world, our experienced Gallup-certified coaches work with you to focus on your unique goals. This is a game changer. Executives worldwide are utilizing coaches, and you should too.

The following are ways you will benefit from working with a StrengthsWise Executive coach:

  1. Hard results, greater productivity, faster promotions, bigger profits
  2. Deeper learnings about yourself, how you’re seen, where you can improve
  3. Faster action, advancing things in a more streamlined way with greater precision
  4. Space to hear your own voice, as talking something through allows a new perspective
  5. Awareness of beliefs and attitudes that might be holding you back
  6. Support and confidence to ‘lean in’ and make bold moves
  7. Clarity on your values and what you stand for, which leads to greater conviction
  8. Ideas for ways to improve that you may not see, and an awareness of blind spots
  9. Emotional support, empathy and encouragement
  10. The cold truth when others won’t tell you
  11. Third-party moderation for 360-reviews, strategic planning, conflict resolution
  12. Support for improving specific skills: communication, delegation, team building

From: 12 Ways You Just Might Benefit from Executive Coaching by Jeff Giesea

The biggest limitation to your company’s growth might just be your own. Contact StrengthsWise to discuss your coaching goals, make sure we have a good coaching fit, and collaborate on the best next steps. You’ve probably considered this move; it’s time to see what Executive Coaching can do for you.

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