Team Development Workshops

At StrengthsWise our Strengths Team Development workshops are interactive, engaging experiences aimed at building high-performance teams, leveraging the insights from Gallup’s StrengthsFinder assessment. For groups of 3 or 300, for newly formed teams or teams that have worked together for decades, this sustainable approach helps individuals discover and their own unique talents and connect them with to work of the team and the mission of the organization.

Through purposeful exercises that encourage insight and collaboration, each participant will ultimately align their talent with the talents of others through individual work and small group conversation. This is an investment in people first so that the best of each is brought forth in new ways to the goals and aspirations of the group. The team will be equipped to accomplish their goals and performance objectives in a more intentional, strategic way.

Each team member will understand and appreciate the contributions they can uniquely contribute to the team. Are we all in the right seat on the bus? How can I contribute the best of who I am to achieving the goals of the organization?

This is a transformational approach to building a culture of collaboration, which leads to positive, measurable outcomes. When you’re considering how to allocate your staff development budget, our Strengths Workshops offer a proven approach that changes culture, and the bottom line. It’s worth noting that it’s also a fun way to increase the happiness quotient all around as well. We’d love to talk with you about how a Strengths Team Development workshop can energize your team to increase collaboration and accelerate outcomes.

Attachment: ROI for Strengths-Based Development

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