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The Wisdom of Strengths

Introduced in 2001, StrengthsFinder™ is a unique assessment with unique results: only 1 in 33,000,000 share your profile. Gallup’s 40-year study of human talent provides the foundation for the positive language now shared by over 17,000,000 worldwide.

Strengths-based development is a proven solution to improve performance on crucial business outcomes. To boost business, leaders need to develop people based on what is right with them. A recent Gallup study of 1.2 million employees in 7 industries and 45 countries measured the value of Strengths-based interventions on workgroup performance: when Strengths is the focus, results are proven.

Measured performance increases* up to:

higher customer engagement
increase in engaged employees
increased sales
increased profit
fewer safety incidents
lower turnover

* Gallup "Strengths-Based Employee Development: The Business Results", July 7, 2016 by J. Brandon Rigoni Ph.D Gallup Associate Director for Selection an Development and Jim Asplund, Chief Scientist, Gallup Strengths-Based Development and Performance Impact Consulting

"He who knows others is wise; he who knows himself is enlightened." 


Our Approach

We believe in sustainable team development. Gallup science, combined with our extensive experience and three-phase process strategically maximizes the talent of your team:



Phase one lays the foundation for everything we do. A mutual understanding and a common language for what's right encourages a new perspective.


Phase two is where Strengths come off the page. The 1:1 conversations bring Strengths to life; light bulb moments happen here. Learning to leverage our unique potential optimizes engagement and buy-in.


Phase three is the transformational team experience where individuals are seen as part of the whole. We apply what we've learned to accelerate your organization's mission.

"I'm no genius. I'm smart in spots, but I stay around those spots." 

—Tom Watson, Sr., Founder of IBM

Meet Our Team

All of our experienced coaches are Gallup™ certified


Jennifer Ford

Founder, Consultant

Maximizer   Activator   Achiever

Command   Futuristic

Strengths is my life's calling. Twenty years ago, this language so transformed my performance and perspective as an IBM sales manager that I joined Gallup. There, the business value of Strengths was tested and proven, and the employees I worked with became more engaged and happier. My passion for Strengths continues to grow as I lead StrengthsWise to provide corporate retreats, team development workshops and provide executive coaching.


Julie Anderson

Founder, Consultant

Developer   Intellection   Input

Relator   Empathy

The language of Strengths changed everything for me; my perspective completely shifted after learning a language for what was right with me, and with the world. I do this work to inspire others along the same path. Connecting with people to mirror back their unique potential is what I do.


Zach Carlsen


Ideation   Connectedness   Input

Strategic   Empathy

In a very literal way, the StrengthsFinder saved my life.  I'd long felt like an alien on this planet--strange, misunderstood, invisible--and Strengths gave me a shared language through which I am able to really, truly see who I am and what I am capable of.  From there, I have been able to consciously develop authentic parts of myself daily into fuller and deeper expressions.  Best part is, I get to coach others on how to do the same regardless of where they are on their journey


Kristen Suro


Learner   Maximizer   Connectedness

Individualization   Relator

I bring a unique blend of experience to StrengthsWise with an MBA and a long career in corporate marketing and strategy. Based on mutual understanding, Strengths provides a powerful foundation for leadership that is authentic. I’m passionate about helping everyone maximize the best of who they are, thus creating focused energy that drives the excellence we’re all capable of. I create engaging presentations that grow good teams into great teams through a process that uniquely empowers everyone.

Drew Anderson


Strategic   Positivity   Includer

Woo   Developer

StrengthsFinder has given me a language to understand the world from perspectives other than my own. At StrengthsWise I offer positive, innovative and energetic presentations, bring a creative approach to teamwork, and speak about the power of millennials in the workforce. I love everything about this work. I believe I have so much to learn from the people around me, and StrengthsWise-through the Strengths language-offers a platform where we develop mutual understanding that leads to mutual respect.

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Empower Your Team


Team Development Workshops:

StrengthsFinder workshops are fun, interactive experiences that share the foundation for engaged, high performance teams.


Corporate Retreats:

StrengthsFinder Corporate Retreats engage leadership in novel environments that encourage a deeper dive into the collaborative potential of your team.


Executive Coaching:

Fostering individual performance and growth, Executive Coaching helps you be the very best version of yourself as a leader, executive, and whole person.

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